October Pro Tip: Restore Deleted Gmail Data

Being a Google Apps Admin certainly has it’s advantages, such as being able to restore deleted Drive content for people in your organization. The Admin console just keeps getting even better. In this month’s Pro Tip, we will show you how to restore Drive files or Gmail messages that were accidently permanently deleted for one or more users during a specified date range. No more worrying that if a person accidentally deleted important data, that it’s gone for good.

Note: Before you follow the below steps to restore the users data, make sure the item is not in the Trash. These steps only need to be completed if the user or system has emptied the trash.

Individual Users

Multiple Users
Note: To make sure you have successfully restored the items check the user’s Drive folder or Gmail inbox. It can take up to a hour for the restored files or messages to appear.

Use this month’s Pro Tip to save the day anytime a user/users accidentally deletes their data. You can restore data up to 25 days old. Keep in mind, if a user provides others with access to any deleted Drive item, when it is restored the access is not restored. If you enjoyed this post, please +1 or share with others who may find it useful. Feel free to also add your questions or comments below.

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