The One Meeting with Google That Will Change All Our Future Meetings

Lots of things have changed in the past 6 years... Our cellphones have two cameras on them, because no one wants to guess at how good their selfie looks; “friends” are no longer required to be people you’ve met in real life; and the mention of a “cloud” has absolutely nothing to do with the weather.

There have been some big changes, but among the biggest of them all applies to businesses everywhere, both big and small… this is Google Chrome for Work.

Since the inception of their search engine back in 1998, and the addition of their Chrome browser in 2008, Google has been changing our perceptions of online connectivity. They’ve also learned a few things about the current business landscape:
All of this is about to change.

Discover how Chrome for Work can transform your organization. Join us online for Chrome Live on April 22.

Here’s quick look at what we can expect to hear about during this event:

Google Chrome yesterday and today
Come see Chrome’s evolution and how security, speed, reliability and manageability are at the core of Google’s mission to provide the best business tools available.

How to organize and securely manage your team’s apps and devices
Enable your IT department to easily and securely manage the chrome suite from a central, robust, and reliable location. Increase security and decrease costs through Chrome’s advanced admin apps.

How to increase productivity, performance, security, and control
Come see real demonstrations of how Google Chromebooks are essential business tools, including user cases on console-based actions, virtualization, and as an everyday tool for knowledge workers. 

Come see how top companies like Netflix, Pinterest and Chico’s are making the web work harder for their businesses - join us online for Chrome Live on April 22!

The new platform for meetings and collaboration
Without the need for expensive video streaming equipment, Google’s Chromebox for Meetings brings people together from all over the world to meet in a virtual face-to-face environment, allowing teams to collaborate more efficiently.

Discover the power of intelligent kiosks and signage
With Google’s Chromebox, your organization is empowered to take full advantage of all signage and screens in production. Easily editable and configurable for up to date communication, enabling a secure, reliable element of interactivity.

With Google products being so widely adopted in the personal environment, it would be a smooth transition for any business to adopt Google for Work. Will we see you there? Let us know in the comments below!

Join us online for Chrome Live on April 22 and
discover how Chrome for Work can transform your organization