Why Micro-Moments bring Brands and Consumers Closer

That New Years resolution to start running. That time when you refused to go to the mechanic and changed your own oil. The minute you break your favorite coffee cup and can't survive without it.

These are the moments that have a huge effect on us every day, and is also where brands have the potential to connect with us and make a lasting impact. Google calls these Micro-Moments.

They happen all day, every day in countries across the globe. They are the want-to-know moments, the want-to-go moments, want-to-do moments, want-to-buy moments. And after doing a little research of their own, Google thinks they know a thing or two about them:

These are just some of the moments that give your brand an opportunity to save the day.

Whether it's making a how-to video on drywall repair, or creating an infographic on the importance of properly hydrating, your brand has the opportunity to connect and make a lasting impact with your customers. And they will thank you for it!

5 ways to help you be there when you're needed

Map your key moments - Walk through the entire decision making process for customers/clients of your business - from product education to an in-the-moment purchase. Which key moments does your business need to win, and which moments cannot be lost?

Know what customers need in-the-moment - What are they doing? How are they searching? What device are they using? Look through the eyes of your customer and ask yourself how you can make their lives easier.

Deliver the right experience through context - What time of day is it? Where are they located? Use contextual signals to deliver a tailor-made experience to your customer, like time-sensitive deals or when products they're looking for are available for in-store pickup.

Optimize the consumer journey - Multiple pages, multiple departments, multiple screens. The consumer journey of today can be very complex and fragmented. Make sure your brand experience is seamless across all devices and built around the consumer's important moments.

Measure moments that matter - This can be a challenging task, but it's very important if you want to improve. Use credible estimates and test which analytics and metrics can signal a win or loss for your business in the consumer's journey.

Question: Which micro-moments do you think matter most for you - before, during, or after the decision-making process?