Google Removes Roadblocks to Adopt Apps for Work, Unlock Transformative Potential

Google Apps for Work Announcement Removes Roadblocks, Unlocks Cloud Transformation Potential for Mid-Market Companies

Just one day before Google’s annual Atmosphere Live event, Google announced today a very generous “Go Google” initiative aimed at mid-market companies in the 250 to 3000 employee range.

Boiling it down into its simplest explanation...

... Get "Unstuck" with No Money Down

If you are currently locked into an enterprise agreement with a competitive solution (i.e., Microsoft) then you are likely eligible to receive Google Apps for Work, or it's big brother Google Apps Unlimited (aka "Drive for Work"), free for the remainder of your existing enterprise agreement. This particular Google for Work promotion will, in essence, buy out your remaining term.

To sweeten the deal even further, mid-market companies who are eligible (main criteria is min of 250, up to max of 3000 licenses) can receive a $25/user credit towards deployment, transformation, and change management services. Both companies with and without an existing enterprise agreement are eligible for this part of the promotion. This is paid by Google to the Google Apps Partner, not out of your budget.

There are some details that we can only answer individually, so please do reach out so we can assess your situation and uncover the ROI waiting for you on the other side of this opportunity.

For companies smaller than 250 employees

If your organization is less than 250 employees and not quite qualifying for the above promotion, Dito wants to help you out as well. With a minimum purchase of 50 licenses for either Google Apps for Work or Apps Unlimited, Dito will provide a free ASUS Chromebook Flip C100PA and accompanying Chrome Management License.

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