Google Apps and The Seven Dwarfs

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We all work very hard throughout the work week and from time to time, it's nice to have a little fun. That's why we are introducing our Casual Friday Posts. Every Friday, we will put a little spin on Google Apps so you can learn some helpful Google Apps tips with some creative thought. We hope you enjoy our Casual Friday Posts and we wish you a Happy Friday!

Google Apps and The Seven Dwarfs

We often discuss how Google Apps can benefit a diverse group of users. What better way to illustrate this claim than with the diverse group of the Seven Dwarfs? For those of us that left childhood behind many years ago, here is a refresh of who the Seven Dwarfs are. 

1. Sneezy
2. Sleepy
3. Dopey
4. Doc
5. Happy
6. Bashful
7. Grumpy

We often find similar characters in our business environment. Each character is a unique individual, as are all users on the Google Apps platform. We will show you how each unique individual can benefit from Google Apps and you will have no doubt that Google Apps can benefit all the different users in your organization.  In the very least, you'll get a little chuckle. Feel free to read how Google Apps benefits all these characters and select your favorite!

Feeling sick but don't want to take that sick day? Google Apps can help you work remotely! This way, you can stay at home in your sweats and not have to worry about those deadlines passing you by. Here are some pointers for working remotely with Google Apps:

Poor sleepy falls asleep in the middle of writing emails and sometimes is barely making sense while he nodding off. Lucky for sleepy, Google Apps can help. Here are two tips to keep you on track. 

Dopey can often be a walking catastrophe. Dopey sends emails with many mistakes and can really find a way to mess up a document.  Luckily, Google Apps can help with this dopey user! Here are two examples that really helped out Dopey.

Doc is the man, the leader of the pack! However, being in charge of 6 other individuals can be tough! Doc is grateful that Google Apps allows him to make the most of his time. Here are some tips for staying organized with Google Apps.

Happy loves EVERYTHING about Google Apps. It makes him very...happy! Happy is determined to spread his good spirit with the other 6 men (Good Luck with Grumpy). He decided to build an intranet so all seven of the dwarfs have a place to come together for announcements and information. Here are some great tips Happy has learned from Google Sites.

Self conscious, Bashful has been working on his people skills and Google Apps is here to help. With Google Chat, Voice, and Video...Bashful is working his way back on the social scene! Here's how he did it:

There is no pleasing grumpy. Nothing makes him happy and it's best to just leave him alone. Grumpy is at least satistifed knowing Google Apps can give him what he wants. 

With this diverse bunch, it's easy to see how Google Apps can benefit everyone. Whether you are the leader, the cheerful one, the grumpy one, or having a sick day, Google Apps can help you out! We hope you enjoyed our first Casual Friday post and be sure to look out for more! If you have any comments or suggestions on topic ideas (even casual ones) feel free to leave them in the comments section below! Happy Friday!

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