Google Apps and Friday the 13th: Defeat bad luck with Google Apps

If you aren't aware, today is Friday the 13th. Oooooh...scary! We can't promise you won't come across the occasional black cat crossing your path but we can promise Google Apps is sure to help you with some bad luck you may come across in the business world. Here are some 'bad luck' examples and we'll show you how Google Apps can help!

Bad Luck #1: Losing Your Documents
Have you ever had your computer or external hard drive crash and you were unable to recover documents? With Google Apps, you can store your document in the cloud so you can be sure that you can always access them! Uploading Google Documents is quite simple too!

While working in Google Documents, you have the option to upload files or folders to your Google Apps account. 

After you select which files or folder you would like to upload, you can choose whether you want to convert these files to Google Documents or not. It's nice to have the option and you will always be able to access these documents anywhere, at anytime! 

Now, you don't have to worry about losing important information. 

Bad Luck #2: Sharing Information With the Wrong Group
We often get excited when new and interesting things happen. We like to share these exciting events on social media platforms. It sure is bad luck when you share information with someone you certainly were not intending to!  With Google+ circles, you have the ability to control your information sharing in your posts and photos.

You can organize your relationships based on circles and choose who sees what. This will help you separate your relationships and keep away that bad luck of sharing information with the wrong group!

Aside from updates, you can maintain control over your photos as well. You have the ability to set specific visibility for all of your albums.

So, you can keep family pictures private and publicly share your latest trip to the Bahamas!

Bad Luck #3: Forgetting That Important Meeting
It certainly is bad luck when you forget something very important! With Google Calendar, you can set up FIVE reminders to any particular event! If you have trouble remembering specific events, you can get all the reminders you need. These reminder can come weeks, days, hours, or minutes beforehand. 

Now, you won't have to leave it to luck to remember those important events! You can be sure to make it to 'The Most Important Business Meeting of Your Life'. 

As businesses make the transition to Google Apps, it's easy to see that your organization will rely less on luck and more on innovative and collaborative technology! Friday the 13th is an old superstition, but the great abilities of Google Apps are simple fact! Leave us some comments and let us know how Google Apps helped you get out of some unlucky situations. We would be happy to include your experiences in our future blogs! Happy Friday the 13th!