Google+ Circles Benefit Your Business

Recently, Google Has unveiled Google+ for Business! This new application generates new ways that businesses are able to interact with its employees, customers and clients, and provides a new spin on marketing their products. Google+ circles will help any business get the edge in organizing and networking daily interactions. 

In real life, you have various different types of relationships. The can include family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and more. The same is true for businesses. Businesses have various different types of relationships with its employees, clients, and partners. With Google+, you have the ability to keep these relationships separate, allow them to mingle, or bring them all together!This blog post will illustrate how businesses can effectively incorporate Google+ into the social networking schemes via Google+ circles.

How to Access Your Circles in Google+
You can find circle in the top center of your Google+ homepage. Simply Click on the picture of the circles and you will be directed to the Google+ circles page.

Here, you will be able to create, edit, and share circles. Youcan make a circle for each business relationship type your business may have. Here are some examples of circles your business might want to add:
The possibilities are endless and you are able to customize Google+ circles to better suit your social networking needs.

How to Create and Edit a Circle

You will notice a blank circle to the far left of your current circles. When you hover your cursor over the blank circle, you now have the option to create a new circle!

Simply click 'create circle' and name your new cirlce. One a new circle is created, you can easily drag and drop individuals or other businesses into this new circle.

Note: It is possible to have individuals be a part of multiple circles. 

Similarly, you can edit, delete, and share any existing circles. When you hover your cursor over an existing circle, you will see the option now displayed. 

Now that you have your circles organized, how can you use them?

Once you have your circles set up, you can easily decide what news you want to share and who you want to share it with! This is where Google+ circles allows you the freedom and ease of sharing news, ideas, promotions, and information with each different relationship type!

Let's say your business wants to reach out to employees.

Here you can see our business is posting photos from a company event for our employees to see. First, the text of the message was entered and a photo was uploaded by selecting the camera. Finally, our business chose to share this particular post only with employees. This way, all employees can see the photos but others who may be disinterested will not be able to see the post.

Now, let's say your company wants to share the details of a new promotions with employees, clients, and partners.

First, the text of the message was entered. Next, a link was shared where you can find all the details about an awesome Dito promotion! Last, three different circles were selected to share this information with. This will easily let all employees know that there is a great promotion going on as well as providing this information to partners and clients.

In this case, this particular post is shared with employees, partners, and clients. All individuals part of these three circles will be able to view this post on Google+. Furthermore, this post is only viewed by these circles so you have the ability to share your information with your targeted audience!

Now that you know how to create and use Google+ circles, you can be sure to continue your relationships as you would in real life. You always have the option to bring your circles together or keep them separate. 

Just another great feature by Google+ for Business to make social networking that much easier! Feel free to leave a comment on the unique ways Google+ circles benefit you.