Google+: Hangouts On Air

Recently, We have showed you how to hold a Google+ Hangout. Now, Google has released Google+ Hangouts on Air! Hangouts on air will allow you the stream your hangouts live over YouTube. Viewers can join your Hangout to participate or observe your discussion. This great new feature opens up a world of opportunities for collaboration, marketing, and visibility. Let us help you get started in with Hangouts On Air!

The Set Up

Enabling Hangouts on Air is easy. When you start a hangout in Google+, you will now have the option to enable Hangouts On Air. 

Once you check the box to enable Hangouts On Air, you will need to edit your channel settings to make your YouTube channel visible. 

After you select 'Edit channel settings' you will be brought into your YouTube account to create and edit your channel. 

After you select 'My Channel' you will now select 'Channel Settings" to make the adjustments. 

Under the selection 'Info and Settings' be sure to check the box to allow your channel to be visible on YouTube. 

Now, you will be prompted to check your settings in the Google+ Hangouts On Air and then start the verification process. 

The verification process will include sending a verification code to your mobile phone, then entering the verification screen. 

Last, you will agree to the terms and conditions. (You only need to do this once). After you agree, you are all set up!


Enjoy our demonstration of Hangouts On Air with our Dito Meet and Greet!

Meet some of Dito's Dito-mites and get a little insight into our team's diversity. Let us know what topics interest you so we can hold public hangouts in the future! We can explore Google Apps and have a little fun along the way... I have permanent dibs on the pirate hat!