Following the Olympics with Google Apps: Importing Calendars and Hangouts With Athletes

It has begun! After months and years of preparation for these top notch athletes, the whole world will be watching! We all have our favorite events and Google Apps makes it easy and fun to follow! We will show you how to import public calendars so you won't miss any events. Also we will take a look at a Google+ hangout with Kara Goucher, an Olympian representing the USA in the women's marathon.

How to Import Public Calendars

What better way to track your favorite events than importing those events right in to your Google+ calendar? You are able to do this with many public calendars, but we will show you how with a calendar specific to the Olympics. 

Find a Useful Calendar

After a quick browse, we came upon this site to get an Olympic calendar of our choice. Perhaps you would like the gymnastics or fencing schedule, but we are going to choose the schedule for the Track & Field team. I mean, let's face it, track & field is awesome!

We can easily download the .ics filed by selecting that option on the page.

*I am selecting .ics even though there is a Google Calendar option because you will most likely find .ics files while browsing public calendars online

Once selected, the .ics file will download to your computer.

Import the .ics File

Now that you downloaded the file, you can easily import it into your Google Calendar. You will find this option under the calendar settings.

From there, navigate to the 'Calendars' tab. 

Next, scroll down the page until you locate 'Import Calendar'.

Choose the file, select the calendar you wish to display the events on, and select 'import'.

That's it! You will now have the events posted on your calendar so you won't miss a single gold medal opportunity!

Olympic Athletes in Google+ Hangouts

We have showed you in the past how to host a Google+ Hangout On Air. Get into the Olympic spirit with this Google+ Hangout featuring the Kara Goucher. Kara Goucher is be representing The United States in the women's marathon!

Google Apps has made it easier than ever to stand behind your Olympic athletes. This year, you can easily follow your favorite events and you don't have to be an Olympian to enjoy all the benefits of Google Apps! Good Luck USA, bring home the gold!