Pro Tip: Utilizing Chrome Sync

Our last pro tip blog post, Automatically Add Google+ Hangout to Calendar Events, was such a success we have decided to do a pro tip post every month.  These pro tips will highlight the advanced features available in Google Apps for Business and are intended to demonstrate ways you can increase your productivity. This month we are going to discuss utilizing Chrome Sync to effectively work on multiple devices.

Many people simply use the Chrome browser without signing in. However, signing into the browser is beneficial because it allows you to access all of your favorite features anywhere, anytime, and on any device. When you sign into the Chrome browser, your browser preferences, bookmarks, apps, extensions, and themes are automatically saved and synced to your Google Account. Any changes you make to these settings are also synced instantaneously. This is a powerful feature for those of us who are constantly accessing different devices throughout the day or when traveling. If your computer or device is lost, stolen, or broken you can simply sign in and access your Google Account settings and preferences.

Set Up Chrome Sync On Your Computer

Set Up Chrome Sync On Other Devices

Access and Edit your Synced Data

Another benefit of using Chrome Sync is knowing that your information is secure. Synced data is encrypted when it travels between your device and Google’s servers. As an extra layer of security, your saved passwords are also encrypted on both your computer and on Google’s servers. You can even choose what information should be synced with your account.

Access your important information by doing something as easy as signing into the Chrome browser. No matter what device you are on, you will always be able to use your apps, extensions, bookmarks, browser preferences, and themes. Having access to everything no matter where you are will increase your productivity and allow you to cruise through your work day. If you have any questions on this feature or any other Google Apps features, we invite you to ask our experts during our weekly Blog Chat, every Thursday from 11-12 est.

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