Pro Tip: Create Tasks Directly from Email Messages

Gmail provides us with many different tools to optimize our organization and productivity. Last month, for our Pro Tip we looked at how to to keep your chat messages organized within email threads by replying via chat. This month we are going to build off of this organization theme. Gmail’s Tasks help us keep track of the things we need to do. We use Tasks to create lists of items, set due dates, and notes. One feature of Tasks that is often overlooked is the ability to add Gmail messages directly to Tasks. If someone sends you an email with a list of things to do, or important information, this shortcut will save time as you can transform the message into a task item.

Create a task from an email message using the following steps:


Tip:  Keeping a detailed task list will help boost your productivity, and setting the due date will automatically sync with your Google Calendar.

Use this Pro Tip to help save time when creating Tasks. If you have any questions on this feature or any other Google Apps features, we invite you to ask our experts during our weekly Blog Chat, every Thursday from 11-12 est. Visit our website to discover the Google Apps for Business training opportunities available to you and your organization.

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