Google+ For Business: Multiple Page Managers

Recently, we showed you how to set up a Google+ page for your business and organize your relationships with circles. Now, managing your Google+ business page is even easier with the ability to have multiple managers. Let's take a look at how to set up your Google+ for business page for multiple managers.

Multiple Managers
Having a Google+ for business page is a great way to network, connect, and empower your business this year. Now, with the ability the have multiple managers, you ensure that your business page on Google+ is well maintained and you will never miss that connection, lead, or information release. Here are instructions for setting up multiple managers on your Google+ page. *Managers have the same abilities as the page owner except the ability to delete the page, and transfer ownership.

1. The owner or a current manager has the ability to invite new managers to your Google+ business page.

2. Have the owner or current manager sign in to the Google+ page.

3.While in your Google+ business page, navigate to the gear in the top right and select Google+ Settings

4. Once in settings, locate the 'Managers' section on the left side of  the page.

5. You will now have the option to invite managers by email address.

*Tip: Limit the number of managers to your Google+ page and be sure to notify the new managers what specific tasks they are required to do in Google+ (i.e. Organize the circles, Post promotions, Post interneral message)

6. Enter the email address of a new manager you would like to invite and select 'Invite'.

Now that you have invited new managers to your Google+ for busniess page, you can be sure to effectively utilize all the great features that Google+ has to offer. It is also important to know that you can add and delete managers at any time.  Be sure to check out our Dito Google+ page  and add us to your circles!