Getting Down To Business: An Ode To Google Apps

'Getting Down To Business'

An Ode To Google Apps

If you haven’t heard already
What Google Apps is all about
Come explore mail, calendar, and docs
Or even a Google+ Hangout!

Google Mail is wonderful
and user friendly too
With 25GB of storage
Outlook users will envy you!

Organizing mail can be hard
But you don’t need to stress
Labels, Search, and Filters
Can clean up any mess

Google Calendar is effortless
Your business will be at ease
When you work with Google Calendar
Creating events is a breeze

Scheduling can be daunting
And not very constructive
But with Google Calendar stacking
You will always feel productive

Google Documents is fantastic
No need to elaborate
Once you see for yourself
How your business can collaborate

Forms, spreadsheets, presentations
Documents and drawings too
All of this is in the cloud
And accessed ANYWHERE by you.

We are so sure
Google Apps will help you thrive
We’ll set your business up
On a Google Apps Test Drive

With our migration team
No data will be lost
And what’s even better
You will lower business costs!

You’ll never find a team
As devoted or as proud
So let Dito welcome you
To the Google Apps Cloud!